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21 Friday July 2017

Josep Vilar: "La innovación es la clave para el desarrollo y para
hacer frente a la competitividad"

La 26ª edición de Eurosurfas, el Encuentro Internacional del Tratamiento de Superficies de Fira de Barcelona, que tendrá lugar en el pabellón 3 del recinto de Gran Via, vuelve a contar con el congreso Eurocar, que llega a su novena edición, como uno de sus grandes atractivos. En esta entrevista, su coordinador Josep Vilar, avanza algunos de sus contenidos.

7 Friday July 2017

Carles Colominas: "Functional surfaces drive us into the knowledge and added value economy"

Carles Colominas is Doctor in Chemistry and Industrial Engineer (IQS-URL, 1998), post-doctoral researcher (Stanford Research Institute, 1998-2000) and currently professor at the IQS School of Engineering (present). He is also director of the Laboratory of surfaces (GEMAT-IQS) and coordinator of the Master in Materials Science and Engineering at IQS School of Engineering at the Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona.

7 Friday July 2017

Ultrasound and nanoparticles to produce antimicrobial textile and devices


Every year over 4 million patients acquire an infection associated with a hospital stay, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the World Health Organization. Hospital-acquired infections have a cost of €7 billion and have generated direct and indirect mortality of 137,000 patients a year.

7 Friday July 2017

Ultrathin superconducting film might bring new aerospace and medical applications


A new superconducting nanomaterial has been developed by a research group led by Professor Uwe Hartmann at Saarland University, Germany. Besides conducting energy without loss below -200 ºC, as other superconductors do, this one is especially interesting because it is ultra-thin and as flexible as cling film, the one used for wrapping food.

21 Wednesday June 2017

La química del futuro

La química del futuro

Desde plásticos capaces de biodegradarse en el agua en pocas semanas hasta hierro microencapsulado para alimentos. Todos estos avances estarán en Expoquimia.

23 Thursday March 2017

Elena Ibáñez: "Foodomics is one of the ways towards personalised nutrition"

Elena Ibañez is a Research Professor at the Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL-CSIC) in Madrid. Her activity includes the development of environmentally clean processes and foodomics, an innovative discipline that studies food and nutrition to improve our health.

23 Thursday March 2017

Joan Serret: "Eurosurfas will allow us to showcase our innovations and engage in a dialogue with our active and potential clients"

With more than 30 years of experience in the surface treatment sector, Joan Serret has collaborated with companies such as: Tratamientos Anódicos S.A.; Diversey; and Novamax Technologies. At Henkel Ibérica SA, he has held various positions in the commercial and technical departments of the Adhesives Technologies business unit and currently he is the Functional Coatings Manager of the Adhesive Technologies General Industry business unit..

23 Thursday March 2017

Guanidine: an antimicrobial surface coating not only for medical use

A guanidine surface coating for PVC materials has already been proved to be an effective antimicrobial solution in biomedical devices, but its use could even go way beyond that, according to Enrique Rodríguez-Castellón, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Universidad de Málaga and one of the participants in this new development.

23 Thursday March 2017

Juan José Damborenea González: "Corrosion costs 2.5 billion dollars globally every year"

Juan José Damborenea joined at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine of London in 1988 as a Research Fellow and that same year he began working as scientific collaborator at the CENIM (Spanish acronym for National Centre of Metallurgical Research).

23 Thursday March 2017

The best ice-repellent coating invented so far

Glazed frost, is a smooth, transparent and homogeneous ice coating occurring when freezing rain hits a surface. Its effects can be seen in plants but also in Power lines, cars windshields, and aircrafts wings.

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