Eurosurfas 2021

The leading surface treatment event in the south of Europe


We have moved the dates from December to 14-17 September 2021, in response to the demands of the main players in the sector who have told us that this is a more suitable moment for their commercial, communication, and marketing policy.


We have been preparing Eurosurfas 2020 since we finished the 2017 edition, in order to create content that will provide solutions for the main challenges of the sector.
In this edition, we want to remain the comprehensive meeting point between industry and science, through sustainability, knowledge dissemination and digitalisation, with a focus on innovation, new materials and biotechnology.


New solutions and processes for the most demanding applications in the treatment of functional surfaces: hydrophobic, oleophobic, biocompatible and bioactive coatings, low-friction, anti-corrosive and flame-retardant coatings and other electrically conductive surfaces.

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The 10th international Eurocar Congress is set to be held under the title: New surfaces for smart mobility. The programme's main themes will include: Materials, Environment, Processes, Equipment and Best Practices, with a presentation of the latest trends in the mobility sector in the field of surface treatments.

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An innovation in the surface treatment sector. An area that enhances the industrial outsourcing sector in the exhibition area at Eurosurfas. Galvanic materials, blasting, shot blasting, industrial paint, part machining, oxidation, anodising, chip removal, prototyping, stamping, moulds and dies, industrial division paint applicators, industrial degreasers, hot dip galvanizing and thermal projection companies.

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On the eve of its 19th edition, the event, with more than 70,000 m2 of space, has an offer comprehensively aligned with the demands of new markets: Eurosurfas stands out as the only commercial and knowledge-dissemination platform in the industry.

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Find out more about the innovation displayed by the exhibiting companies via the routes organised through the different industries.

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Learn more about the Digitisation Seminar (AEM) on the "Impact of digitisation on the maintenance of advanced industries."


During the event, some of the internationally renowned institutions, buildings, and centres, will offer exclusive visits to everyone attending Eurosurfas.

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As a major event in the industry, year after year, we want to have a wide representative sample of a fundamental sector for socio-economic development:
  • Raw materials
  • Innovation in nutrition
  • Fine chemistry and Pharmaceuticals
  • New materials
  • Biotechnology
  • Analysis equipment
  • Laboratory materials
  • Equipment and engineering
  • Measuring equipment
  • Pumps and valves
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance and storage
  • Environmentally-friendly techniques
  • Cosmetic date
  • Technology transfer
  • Industrial and occupational safety
  • Software
  • Compositech
  • University, research, development and innovation
  • Intermediate products and services
  • Technology and machinery for the production process
  • Pharma process


Real solutions for
sustainable development goals

"A window of opportunity has opened up for the sector's modernisation. Compliance with the regulations, particularly in terms of the environment, has led us to invest in innovation, relying on organic chemistry in order to obtain new formulations that mitigate their impact on the surrounding area. And we've had to focus on smart surfaces and new materials in order to be competitive and effective."
Mr. Giampero Cortinovis, Eurosurfas President.