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Recycled plastic: an essential element in an innovative electric generation system

23 marzo 2017

It is common to see solar panels on roofs and even in windows. Now a Hungarian company -Platio- has gone one step further by installing solar panels in sidewalks.

It is common to see solar panels on roofs and even in windows. Now a Hungarian company -Platio- has gone one step further by installing solar panels in sidewalks. The technology, which has been exhibited in Barcelona Smart City Expo, will start a test period in Budapest and other Hungarian cities next summer. In Budapest, the installation is going to be temporary, only for that period, but the other projects are intended to be permanent. The company has received requests from other city councils in Europe.

The Platio solar panels are built from monocrystalline silicon cells that are mounted in tempered glass and then attached to the injection-moulded bases made of recycled plastic. The pieces click together like Lego bricks and come in three colours so that they can be used in different types of pavements and urban environments. The plastic backing ensures the panels won't break when stepped on or rolled over and that each panel connects with the next in a secure way.

Street lighting and electric car charging

The energy-producing pavements will also incorporate embedded kinetic energy converters to transform the energy of human steps or any other means of vibration into electricity. The system could provide energy for street lighting, electric car charging, and all the electricity produced could be fed back to the power network, according to Platio sources.
Platio was founded by a team of three. Imre Sziszák, mechanical engineer, is the strategic leader of product development and the main decision maker in operational issues. As expert in waste plastic recycling technologies he created the injection-moulded bases. Miklós Ilyés, landscape architect and designer, is responsible for introducing the new pavement system into the market and finding relevant urban architecture solutions for the product. József Cseh, electrical engineer, is the technological project manager of the development, including: electrical system, energy harvesting solution, and the system integration.

This unconventional energy producing system is alternative to usual pavements. Unlike regular pavements, Platio does has a low impact on resources as the main element used is recycled plastic. So, the invention gives a boost to low emissions strategies and to the circular economy at the same time.

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