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Bern Roegele


Ponencia | Industry Showcase

Presentation of the sectoral report on plastics in Spain

Bern Roegele
Bern Roegele Equiplast President Speaker
Marc Monnin
Marc Monnin Centro Español de Plasticos General Manager Speaker
Adrià Llacuna
Adrià Llacuna Market Aad Project Director Speaker
Luis Palomino Leal
Luis Palomino Leal ASEGRE General Secretary Speaker


01-06-2023 17:00 01-06-2023 18:00 Europe/Madrid Presentation of the sectoral report on plastics in Spain

The plastics sector has undergone industrial, economic and social transformations that have made it occupy a central place on the regulatory and public scene in recent times. Equiplast, as a reference meeting point for the sector in Spain, has wanted to make an exhaustive assessment of its importance as a transversal productive sector, with the capacity to apply it in multiple industrial sectors and which acts as a lever and engine for their competitiveness.

HALL 3-Industry Showcase area
Thu 1 17:00h - 18:00h HALL 3-Industry Showcase area